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Involved from day one

Are you faced with the challenge of designing a new production line, renewing or adapting your production lines or building a new factory? Our experienced Engineers are happy to talk to you and know exactly which questions to ask when mapping out your needs. Together we determine the question behind the question. Our team remains involved until the commissioning of the installation, so that the desired result will be realised.

Should you have plans to expand and you would like to discuss what is possible with one of our experienced colleagues, then we would be happy to come by for a consultation.

How we operate

As our customer you are our starting point. Do you have issues with capacity, with development of new products or packaging, outdated machinery or other process changes? Then it would be wise to involve VME in the early stages. We’ll engage in conversation and find out what your real needs are, your wants, methods and company goals. We spend a lot of time on preparation with our customers to ensure all questions are answered.


What follows is an independent consultation, during which we suggest the most effective solution for your engineering challenge. We translate your ideas into clear steps toward a working production line. The end user is explicitly involved in this process. We continually keep you apprised of every step: from design, budgeting and contracting up until the implementation. We conclude every step with a decision document, to help you to keep control of the situation.


VME has a well-developed methodology in order to offer our customers effective solutions: the Stage Gate process. This ensures that all stakeholders in every phase of a project are happy with the solution. It also means that they agree with the next step, from initial discussions to the performance assessment after the implementation.

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