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Would you like to make a good start for your new factory or company site? Do you want to have a structural overview of everything and do you want to be able to take the future into account?

VME has the in-house experts who can think along with you from the first drawing up to the delivery of your building in which you produce your food.


Our knowledge of technology and food has traditionally been focused on process and packaging engineering. Over time, various disciplines have joined. A building has a major impact on all other engineering issues and therefore the design of it is part of our business operations.

Whether it is a new construction project or an existing location, a well-running production starts with the building. Our specialists in the field of architecture, engineering, support structure and building-related installations make the difference when it comes to the safety, efficiency, hygienic finish and conditioning of the factory.

in the first phase we look at the possible variants, the required budget, the intended planning, from which we determine the preferred variant, identify the risks and view the influence on other projects and the organization. We do this together with our client.

The subsequent phase is devoted to the more detailed elaboration of the chosen variant, after which an environmental permit is applied for, if necessary. We also review the design with the various stakeholders of the client. After this we shift our focus to the execution of the project, determine the hygiene measures during construction, we prepare the specifications (3D model; drawings, calculations and the Technical Description), make a cost estimate and prepare the planning.

After approval from the client, a tender will be organized based on the specifications. The provider with the most suitable offer in terms of costs, quality and planning will be awarded the contract for execution. This is often also the start of the realization phase.

During the realization of the project, we can provide various support. For example: Representing the client (Building Management), supervising quality and safety and organizing the delivery of the building.

After completion, the building is ready for use, but VME is also the knowledge partner for the following engineering challenges.

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