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Commissioning and validation

Are you installing a new process installation, and do you need help with the commissioning? Or do you want to know whether a change in the process affects the final product? Or will an optimization have the desired result?

Testing, establishing and reporting critical elements to the process and product requires a lot of attention. It is important to provide trust and security to customers and to avoid inconsistencies; after all, these aspects are linked to your commercial results. VMEngineering provides this in various ways.


Engineering doesn’t stop after the assembly of an installation. There are more steps that need to be taken. You need to identify these steps at an early stage in the entire project so you can think about them carefully. Commissioning and validation are examples of this, which we summarize as CSV: commissioning, start-up and validation. In this CSV vision we distinguish two main streams that can be run in parallel:

  1. Product quality and the critical processes involved; these “criticals” go through the qualification route (familiar terms like OQ and PQ), and will be pre-protocoled and thoroughly tested and reported.
  2. Production process and associated business operations; The other processes that the production process includes; the tests for these processes (known terms such as FAT and SAT) can be ticked off during commissioning, only the deviations being monitored in a following step.

Whether it is a completely new installation, an optimization (or validation) of an existing process, the intended specifications must be tested and proved. This applies to both the installation and the product and can be important after any changes made to the process or, for example, to the raw materials used as well. Our knowledge of food technology, process technology and engineering all come together in this service.

In addition to intended specifications, there are also laws, standards and guidelines that you must comply with. Think of requirements regarding EHEDG, ISO and safety (HACCP; HAZOP) or conditions set by customers.

The whole range of commissioning methods and phases can also be carried out in sub-projects. Even if you only need help with the validation of the cleaning of installations (CIP validation), the testing of a tank set-up, the testing of product quality or other issues, we can be of service to you for parts of your projects.

The end goal is commercial production and related to that is the confidence auditors and buyers will have in your process. This means that we will always try to see our role as temporary and that we want to contribute to knowledge transfer before the operational phase.

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