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Digital Design

VMEngineering understands that the food industry is an ever-evolving industry. Therefore, we work on innovative developments that contribute to the industry.

We use the latest techniques to execute our projects as efficiently as possible.

3D and Virtual Reality

An advanced technology is 3D. Using a 3D laser scanner, we can measure every room in your factory including installed equipment into millions of accurate measuring points. Together they constitute a Point Cloud. This allows us to fit new installations with just one measurement.

As soon as we have all the measuring points, we start on the layouts. Once this meets your expectations, we bring the factory to life with VR. We make everything visible down to the last detail. This gives you the opportunity to walk through the factory with all the involved parties. Based on the BIM-model together with the stakeholders we check the bottlenecks per phase. This makes it possible to implement points for improvement immediately.


In certain situations, it is useful to simulate your production process or part of it. Already in the concept phase we can simulate the effects of the logistical flow of people and materials and utilisation of your equipment with Flexsim. We find answers to question such as: what is the effect of an extra line, operator or a second checkweigher? We simulate various scenarios for both packaging and production processes. This makes the effects of planning and product portfolio already visible before the process even exists.

For dynamic processes with more complexity we can also model in detail. For example, fermentation or more time-dependent processes such as heating or cooling batches. With Simulink the dynamic behaviour of processes can be modelled so that effects are viewed over time and the equipment is thus sized more appropriately better.

Existing processes can also be modelled, including control circuits for optimisation purposes.

The simulations remain valuable even after completion of the project, especially if you are considering changing the product portfolio or when you want to optimise your production planning.

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