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Do you have plans to produce more, or simply more efficiently? Or would you like to produce new products?

VME designs process installations in the food industry for, among other things, thin and thick liquid products.


With our knowledge of technology and food technology, we help you from the first ideas for your existing or new installations. Together we determine the scope and starting points and record these. Based on your product specifications we determine the possible draft designs in Process Flow Diagrams (PFD). Together we choose the most effective solution for your factory. We then elaborate the concept design into a basic design, in which we draft P&ID’s and lay-outs and mass and energy balances are made. In this phase the investment budget can also be determined with greater accuracy.

After approval, the detailed design is developed. This includes P&ID’s, item lists up to the order number level, Functional Design Specifications for the controls and mechanical piping drawings for a fully hygienic design. These documents form the base for the tender packages that are sent to your potential suppliers. Together with you, the best suppliers are selected, and the contracts are given. Then the project realisation can begin.

We keep in touch with suppliers, monitor progress and quality and carry out the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) with you before the installations are transported. Our engineering documents are used for an effective commissioning phase.

Depending on the type of food, the level of validation is determined. After the release of commercial production, we remain involved until the installation is capable of producing to the specifications and your satisfaction.

What can we help you with?

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