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Social responsibility

Knowledge sharing

Annually our colleagues give different guest lectures at schools. We do not mind whether it is a primary school, high school, MBO, HBO or an University. We believe it is important to inspire and educate the next generation in the areas of food, technology, sustainability and so on.

In addition, we are happy to offer internships and (graduation) assignments and we are even a recognized training company for some job titles.

Sports and activities

The city farm Eyghentijds is an initiative in the municipality of Den Bosch where young and old become acquainted with farming life and where facilities and activities are set up such as day care for the elderly and the disabled. VMEngineering supported this initiative with a sportive sponsorship performance.

In addition to our own sportive achievements, we also like to facilitate others when it comes to playing sports. VMEngineering ensures that the girls of CMHC can train and play well-equipped thanks to warm training jackets that are made possible by VMEngineering and NIRAS.

Nature and environment

Like everyone else, but certainly as a player in the food industry, we are aware of the role of nature, our landscape and the animals. A natural processor of raw materials appealed to us in particular, partly thanks to our field of work; the bee! An endangered insect that can use a helping hand. Together with our colleagues and a beekeeper we maintain two hives in the garden of our office in Rosmalen. In addition to the honey, we are very happy with the knowledge that we contribute to our local nature.

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