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Capacity expansion jam

In summary

Industry: Fruit, vegetables
Project: Process

Capacity expansion with an existing line

Improved efficiency and more production capacity

A jam producer wanted to expand the capacity of its existing line. A start was made with an analysis of the current situation, raw material and packaging flows. After that suitable techniques (for defrosting fruit without compromising quality) for the client were investigated and tested. Based on these results, VME devised and engineered a technical solution that was integrated into the existing process.

At the same time, a plan was made for the redesign of the warehouse and the preprocessing department. This includes important aspects such as energy recovery, efficient routing, and improvement of physical operator actions.

Ultimately, a detailed budget was drawn up with specifications and 3D drawings for the total investment. This plan was subsequently realized by VME. Including the guidance of the equipment to be chosen, making a P&ID, 3D drawings and mapping the structural changes.

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