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Detailed CIP Engineering

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Industry: Dairy
Project: Process

Detailed CIP Engineering

More hygiene, safety, capacity and flexibility

A dated CIP Manifold offers opportunities for improvement, but can also bring challenges. Together with the client, VMEngineering tackled the engineering challenge to install an additional CIP strand within a very limited space. Expansion according to the existing concept was not an option, for that reason the entire CIP manifold was eventually replaced.

The approach
Several rough designs were worked out in 2D during the conceptual phase. The space was scanned in 3D after making the design choice. On the basis of this scan and established criteria, a 3D model was made of the new installation. The installation specifications were described in detail. Nothing could be open to the interpretation because any change could lead to a clash or a reduction in accessibility.

One of the biggest challenges was the very limited space for the CIP Manifold.

The current situation makes for:

  • Poor accessibility for maintenance
  • Poor accessibility for cleaning
  • Insufficient hygiene to current standards
  • Insufficient safety provisions
  • No expansion options for the desired extra CIP strand

These elements had to be resolved, but the customer saw few alternatives regarding the CIP Manifold. Thanks to the detailed documents and the 3D display, we were able to look at various solutions. Choices were made in this together with the customer. VMEngineering not only had the advisory role, but also the investigative role during this process.

Realization in collabaration with the client
During the realization phase, the old design was physically replaced by the new efficient design. Here too, limited space created challenges for implementation. Furthermore, as little production time as possible could be lost. Good planning and guidance was therefore required. These elements were done by VMEngineering; during the implementation phase in 24-hour shift work in alternation with the client.

There are various components that have led to improvements. For example, safety has been increased by installing Block and Bleed valves. Furthermore, more flexibility has been created thanks to the extra strand. This strand also provides more capacity because a part of the CIP cleaning can now be done in parallel with the production.

The implementation of the new CIP Manifold has also ensured:

  • Improved hygiene through elimination risk of mixing streams
  • Improved accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • Improved accessibility also increases safety
  • Improved ease of maintenance in the total CIP Manifold

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