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Meet the Engineer – Rogier Tweehuysen

Rogier Tweehuysen

Over three years ago, Rogier Tweehuysen left school and started his career at VMEngineering. As a Junior Process Engineer, with the necessary guidance, he quickly got to participate in very interesting and varying projects from various clients. Let’s look back on an educational period and also talk about the future.

How do you see your role and what can clients expect from you?
As a Process Engineer you need to work closely with a client to be able to solve issues. Sometimes you will be involved from the start to the end point, other times you will be involved in only part of a larger or longer running project. In both cases I note that I can put myself to good use by taking a fresh look at the challenge in question. A project team can sometimes get stuck. This can be in an initial phase when there is no solution available yet, but it can also happen if there is already an idea and VMEngineering is involved to fill in the details. Thanks to our prior knowledge, we can always easily follow up on that idea or come up with a new interpretation. My added value is therefore very different per situation.

How did you experience the switch from student to professional?
That went very well for me. The company is very open and by that I mean that you can always ask questions of anyone. An example of this is that in the early days I had a personal supervisor who was involved with my development, but in practice I could also just go to the Senior or Lead Engineer who was working on that specific assignment during projects. It may sound very logical, but it is because I was able to ask a lot during the first two years that I noticed that I was soon able to work independently.

I have had to learn a lot in dealing with the customer. That is not something you are taught in school and it is all the more something you can pick up from experienced colleagues. Nothing is more important than having the assignment be clear. In the beginning I found it challenging to ask for more information in a correct manner, but it is precisely by doing that that you help yourself and ultimately the client.

What do you enjoy in your work and what else would you like to do in the future?
What I enjoy most is working on an engineering issue from the first conceptual phase all the way to the final commissioning of an installation. Unfortunately, this does not happen often enough for me, but when it does I think it is the best. That is why I hope that I will continue to encounter these types of assignments. I also enjoy being part of a multidisciplinary team and the involvement in other disciplines makes the job diverse and interesting.

Process engineering developments

VMEngineering is mainly active within the food industry with process engineering as one of the services. Rogier Tweehuysen anticipates that we will have more to do with modelling as a discipline within projects. The customer demand for this is slowly getting started. In addition, he expects that the entire technology around processes will keep evolving and will provide innovations. As part of the NIRAS Group, everyone from VMEngineering can spar with colleagues from the Netherlands, but also from countries such as Denmark and England. Within Food & Beverage, the so called umbrella organisation, VME is known as a process and packaging technology expert.

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