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Meet the Engineer – Teun Termeer

Teun Termeer

In the role of EPC project manager, Teun Termeer is the one to contact for various projects at clients of VMEngineering, part of the NIRAS Group. In that sense, he is there for the client, colleagues, team members and other stakeholders from the very first idea of ​​a project to the realization and final delivery of the relevant engineering solutions.

When Teun was employed by his previous employer (IFF), VME was one of the engineering parties that IFF used to carry out projects. VMEngineering gave the impression of being pragmatic and level-headed. This appealed to Teun, which is why he took the step in 2019 to come and work for VME.

What does your role mean, what do your activities offer for clients?
The shortest description that comes to mind is; unburdening the customer. Planning, budget and communication lie mostly with me. By communication I mean planning and supervising meetings with the project team, but also with suppliers or contractors.

In my role I am responsible for the organization of the project and therefore also the formation of the project team. I work on this from the start of the project and I try to achieve the project goal with as few resources as possible, meaning as efficiently as possible. This project team consists of VME or NIRAS colleagues, but also professionals from the customer and from suppliers outside our company.

Where do you find the biggest challenge in your work?
Doing things right in one go. By this I mean that what we deliver to our customers or send to suppliers must be completely correct and that it therefore has to have been checked carefully. This could include quotes, schedules, but also the documentation. The more stages we have gone through in the project, the more details of the project are in place. In the advanced phases, the review takes more time and you need to have in-depth knowledge of the content. Why is this so important? When ambiguities arise, some work costs more time and money than necessary. This does not fit with the aim of achieving a goal as efficiently as possible.

Another challenge that follows is to keep the focus during long-term projects. I, myself am strong in the first phases of the project. By this I mean the phases up to, and including, detail engineering. When the project turns into implementation, there are often team members who know what to do and what the schedule is. In this phase I’ve noticed that I can already look ahead to a next project. So a project that offers me the phases in which I feel most at home.

Why do you enjoy working for VMEngineering and what do you hope to find at the company in the future?
My motivation comes from succeeding in figuring out and organizing the preconditions for new projects. I don’t like having to do the same thing over and over. At VMEngineering we always work on projects and engineering issues that have a unique character. For me that is the perfect situation and I don’t expect that this will change in the future.

I really like the way VMEngineering approaches the projects. This is hands-on, with short lines when it comes to communication and really going the extra mile. The level of knowledge is well distributed between Junior and Senior engineers, which guarantees continuity as well.

Project management with a passion for food and technology

VMEngineering uses a way of working for project management that is based on the Stage Gate Method. This method is pragmatic and problem oriented. The project is divided into 6 clear phases and for each phase it is agreed what the criteria are to proceed to the next gate. In addition to monitoring the different phases, the budget, planning and quality are of course also managed here. You could call Teun the link between the customer, colleagues or other project team members and the suppliers. In the increasingly digital world, we see a change in ways of working together. Clients also have their own working methods in this. So these days it is also important to discuss those expectations and ways of interacting. This appears to be more important than ever in 2020.

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