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More time and space for innovation

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Industry: Fruit and vegetables
Project: Process

More time and space for innovation

A different view of the existing production

Did you know that cranberries accidentally ended up on Wadden Island Terschelling? We, VMEngineering, learned the fascinating history of Cranberry Terschellinger and their core product, thanks to the processor’s need to produce more cranberry products and produce them smarter. Our engineers, together with the growing company, have looked at the question of how the current line can be used better and what information is needed to make the best choices in the future.

More and more demand
Initially, the cranberry and its products did not catch on in the Netherlands, but that changed over the years after success in other countries, including England. With a production and coordination location in Harlingen, the company has been able to put several products on the market for quite some time now and for the most part they meet the demand, but the idea of ​​being able to realize more products, also in case of future demand, is asking for change. One of these changes is the current production of the juices. This process is done by using an outdated line. The line requires a lot of maintenance and seemed to be producing at its maximum in terms of capacity.

From a different perspective
By looking at the production process, the line, the number of different products that are produced, maintenance, lifespan, cleaning, raw materials and so on, it became clear that the current line can last for a while longer and can produce more in numbers than it is doing today. The biggest gain can be found in the planning and elements that influence this, such as cleaning, but also how many products can be stored. By rearranging the planning and concentrating cleaning, more can be produced per week. For now, this means that a renewal of the line is not necessary to achieve the target in terms of capacity. However, the company does not rule this out. In fact, perhaps it can be seen as inevitable thanks to the ambition to continue to grow and develop.

More time for new solutions
When innovation turns out to be just a postponement, one may wonder why the analysis that has been carried out was so important. All the data collected now is very valuable for the future, that’s one point, but an even more important outcome is: Time.

By currently increasing the capacity with the current line, space has been created to tackle innovation more thoroughly. The specifications associated with the organisation’s ambitions can be made even clearer. Furthermore, the timing of the renewal can now be adjusted to other events within the company and the market.

Mindset within the team
The installation, the production line, is not yet ideal for future goals, but this does not detract from the fact that the way of looking at production has already gone through some development. Trying out the more efficient planning will undoubtedly yield insights. The realization that the production is bigger than just the physical production line is even more important.

Cranberry Terschellinger remains ambitious and is enthusiastic about the future and all its possibilities.

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