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Pre-engineering for Farm Dairy

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Industry: Dairy
Project: Process

Part of a larger whole

Enabling the expansion of capacity for Farm Dairy


As VMEngineering, part of the NIRAS Group, we often work in the dairy processing industry. Farm Dairy is one of our clients within this field. This dairy processing business produces various products such as milk, yoghurt and custard. This is done for well-known consumer and private brands which we can find in the supermarkets in the Netherlands. Together with Farm Dairy, we set to work on a smaller pre-engineering project, but no less challenging than any other type of project.

Investing in the future
As part of several projects in the field of innovation and renewal, VMEngineering was involved in the installation of two new mixing tanks. Farm Dairy previously used other tanks for yoghurt and custard, but that meant the following:

  • More cleaning needed; therefore, more costs
    • Fewer options concerning capacity
    • Fewer options for storage

These points could be improved with two new mixing tanks. Partly due to this need, the company expanded the production site with an extra building. Space for the tanks was therefore no problem, this was taken care of.

Hygiene and accessibility
One of the challenges the project team encountered was the assembly of the mixing tanks. These were not to be placed on the ground but were to be hung in the ceiling construction of the newly realized space. Placing them off the ground makes cleaning and maintenance easier, but of course the construction should be able to carry the tanks.

This was one of the elements included in VMEngineering’s advisory document in the form of a construction book. In addition to this product, our colleagues also supplied the P&ID and an item list for the suppliers.

Even the engineering of some parts of a production facility requires good cooperation. Both parties were easily accessible to each other and were well able to combine each other’s experience, knowledge and skills, leading to a desired end result.

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