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Providing a Reverse Osmosis installation

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Industry: Fragrances and flavors
Project: Process

More sustainable energy for production

Providing a Reverse Osmosis installation

Together with our client, a producer and processor of fragrances and flavors for food and cosmetics, we ensured an improved boiler feed water process through Reverse Osmosis (RO). By improving the water quality, the steam boilers can provide more sustainable energy for the entire production facility. Furthermore, the provision of sufficient RO water was ensured by adding an extra buffer tank.

A central element was sustainability. The client wanted to save on gas, water, chemicals and electricity. In addition, the current steam boilers had to remain operational during the installation and the degree of maintenance needed to be reduced. However, this is a result that is met logically when the quality of the steam boiler feed water is improved.

Advice based on experience
The sustainability need arose from a graduation study of students. This study contained an advice containing a way in which energy generation could be done more sustainably. However, details regarding the planning and budget turned out to be missing, which put the project budget under immediate pressure.

VMEngineering checked, together with the client, which elements were missing and what this meant for the initial planning and planned budget. The missing elements consisted of software, electricity and the associated instrumentation and piping. Based on VME’s experience with such projects, a new budget and a more realistic planning was made. Subsequently, based on the network of VMEngineering, a selection of possible suppliers were made together with the client.

A challenge regarding these steam boilers was that they always have to be in operation to facilitate the production lines. Simply switching off the steam boilers wasn’t an option during the commissioning of the new installation.

All of the different steps
Partly to ensure that the steam boilers never had to be shut down, a temporary installation was connected to the existing boiler feed water supply. In addition, new softeners were added in anticipation of the new RO installation. These immediately resulted in an improvement of the water, which also resulted in improvements in the area of maintenance. The new RO installation was then completed.

In order to insure the energy, the client anticipated the need for a buffer tank. This tank provides reserve water for the degasser for the steam boilers. The buffer tank and the renewed RO installation have been put into operation after all steps.

Thanks to the new Reverse Osmosis installation, 90% less chemicals are now required to prepare the water for the steam boilers. However, this is not the only outcome.

The results
• A more sustainable energy supply, reduction of gas, water, electricity
• 90% Less chemicals
• Improved quality of steam boiler feed water
• Reduction of maintenance need for steam boilers
• Insured energy thanks to buffer tank during peak load(s)
• Current steam boilers will have a longer service life
• Possibility to monitor the new installation by means of full automation

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