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Serialisation for pharma

In summary

Industry: Pharmacy
Project: Packaging

Implementation of serialisation with aggregation

A packaging line that meets all wishes and obligations

In the pharmaceutical industry, production and handling of the end products is done with care. Thanks in part to updated legislation, but also in terms of consumer needs, our client, a large pharmaceutical company, improved the packaging methods. VMEngineering became involved thanks to the extensive experience with packaging lines and realized a serialization with aggregation project together with the client and various suppliers.

Intensive design phase
At the start of the project, the various (legal) requirements, the current situation and the complexity of elements were documented. Following this, various options were considered. For example, the packaging line and the existing machines were examined. The question was whether machines should be made suitable or completely replaced.

In addition the project team looked into guaranteeing print and control qualities in accordance with GS1 and ISO 15415, variables and error sensitivities of people and machines in the production process. What happens to the results of the serialization if changes are made intentionally or simply occur? This is to achieve the most optimal integration of IT infrastructure (serialization, aggregation) in third-party machines.

Furthermore, the legal requirements, one of the motivations for the project, are guaranteed in the design phase.

VME as a connector
An important fact to bear in mind is that during the project, the same amount of time and attention must be paid to the mechanical part as to the programming. This is to prevent weak elements in a packaging line. Both parts were designed and realized from very different disciplines. During the project, our colleague from VME ensured that these disciplines understand, complement and even reinforce each other.

Asking the right questions and sketching different scenarios is important, also after the design phase. Even during the realization, or parts of it, testing and adaptation is key. Here, too, our colleague played the connecting role between suppliers, the client and other stakeholders.

After the realization, commissioning was also taken up to ensure that the project got off to a good start in to practice.

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