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Standardization of liquid food

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Industry: Speciale producten
Project: Packaging

Back 2 Basic Conditions

A packaging line for liquid foods

A production line has been built at a producer of liquid foods to produce tube food with flexible packaging. To prevent every production team from having its own favorite settings and thus introducing variations in the final packaging, the client included a requirement in the specifications for the packaging line to minimize the number of settings.

This means that all machines and operations that are part of the tube food production line were taken under review to find out the (ideal) mechanical, electrical and electronic standard to improve reproducibility. The approach to this issue was guided by our Back 2 Basic Conditions (B2BC) principles.

Engineering challenge
All suppliers were asked to take a minimum number of settings into account when designing. The condition is that all packages are known and it must be considered per institution whether, and how, the setting can be eliminated, with the result:

  • Constant quality of end product
  • Guaranteeing reproduction options
  • Less work to resolve malfunctions
  • Better understanding of the operation of the production line
  • Better use of Technical Service; instead of solving

One of the first steps in this process is to establish, with the supplier during the design phase, the 0 or base line of their specific machine or operation – and to guarantee this. This is a fixed point that pushes or guides the package that should NEVER be adjusted, even in the case of a format change.

Based on these determination(s), elements such as slot holes, photocell supports, etc. are then welded. The same procedure should be followed for electrical (think of servo motors, sensors) and electronic (think of parameters) settings. As a result, the number of settings is minimized and the machine or operation can always be set to “the standard”.

Of the settings that remain, the optimum setting must be found experimentally and also be guaranteed. Ideally, 0 variables remain per machine. Furthermore it is possible that settings are left for maintenance purposes.

The standardization process is an intensive process, but provides much more than just the points mentioned above as a result. For example, it can contribute to the objective of reducing emissions because quality is more constant. In addition, incidents can be prevented and the start-up curve can also count on improvement.

If you want to know more about B2BC, or Back 2 Basic conditions, feel free to contact us.

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