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Webinar – Reviewing with Virtual Reality

Webinar - Reviewing with Virtual Reality

Reviewing solutions is an important step for companies in projects, because the assessment process helps prevent problems after realization. Therefore, all parties involved should be given the opportunity to provide feedback. This often happens during a review. VMEngineering has now found a way to make reviewing even better. Namely with Virtual Reality. We would like to tell you more about the application of VR during reviews through our webinar.

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October 28 2020, 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm, Online

A realistic view on engineering
Virtual Reality, in short VR, can provide companies with a realistic experience to review engineering and technical solutions for new projects. VR makes it possible for all different parties involved to give feedback and thus improve the design.

However, the assessment of processes is often lengthy and the people involved normally look at the same screen from one angle. 2D drawings have been converted to BIM models in 3D for a long time, but with VR the view is made more realistic.

Virtual Reality is nothing new, but it can be used more and more efficiently. The advantages of VR lie in the individual experience and the realistic representation of a project design.

Different project team members typically have different interests and solutions when it comes to design. By walking through a virtual environment, team members representing different professions can check and assess their points of interest in a way that is close to reality. You can look over elements, look under them, reach for them, move in 3 dimensions. It can be done through the Virtual Reality glasses and two VR controllers that are easy to use.

3D models and point clouds come together in VR
The fact that the 3D models and point clouds can be integrated into the VR environment helps to better review the engineering and solutions. The results and outcomes of Virtual Reality review sessions have also been improved as a result and during our webinar we would like to explain more about our positive experiences and provide insight into the benefits of this technology.

Our speaker
Caspar Tunnessen has now been working for VMEngineering – part of the NIRAS Group for almost 4 years. After his training in Mechatronics, Caspar found his passion within the food industry and its complexity. His expertise is often expressed in a digital way as a mechanical engineer. He makes drawings, designs, 2D layouts and 3D models of various factories and installations. Recently he has specialized in making VR models and hosting VR reviews.


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